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Mirka POLARSHINE Polish 45 2.8L

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Mirka Polarshine 45 2.8L (PC45-2.8L)


Polarshine 45 is a coarse, fast-cutting compound developed to remove heavy oxidation and sanding scratches 600x and finer on hard surfaces and coatings, leaving a deep gloss finish. Use with Mirka's twisted lamb’s wool or natural lamb’s wool pad for best results. Water based and silicone-free.

With darker colors, where micro-scratches and/or swirl-marks are more evident, progression to Polarshine 10 is recommended as a next step.

Polarshine compounds are available in a range from coarse through fine grades to handle smoothing through final finishing of hard surfaces.


    1. Shake well before using.
    2. Apply a 1” dab of Starke Level R Compound for a 1.5’ x 1.5’ section and spread with the cutting pad.
    3. Buff at a speed between 900 to 1,200 rpm.
    4. Work the buffer slowly form side to side and front to back until most of the product is gone and gloss appears.
    5. Repeat if necessary until scratches are removed.
    Wipe surface clean with a microfiber cloth.