What products do you need to restore and polish a dark hull?

Polishing a dark hull can be daunting, but it's not hard.  Here's how we do it:

Step 1 - use Level R on a white wool pad on a rotary machine

Step 2 - use Elevate on a yellow wool pad on a rotary machine

Step 3 - use Ignition on a D/A with an Orange HDO foam pad

Step 4 - if just using a polymer sealant, top with hyper hold pro or our hybrid marine sealant.

Step 5 - if you're going to ceramic coat your boat, use Triple P on a D/A with an orange or white pad - this preps the boat's gelcoat to accept the ceramic as gel coats are porous.  Prior to Triple P you should use our surface prep or you can use an isopropyl alcohol and water mix to ensure the surface is contaminant free before applying Triple P.

Step 6 - choose your ceramic - dwell time and hardness are the difference in our three offerings with Repel being the hardest and with the least amount of dwell time (about 2-4 minutes per 2x2 section).

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