Ceramic vs. Polymer Sealants

Lets be honest.....waxes don't last very long at all.  Today the choices are either a polymer sealant or ceramic.

We have two polymer sealants that are in our opinion the best in the business.  Hybrid Marine Sealant is an excellent coating and lasts about 4 months and really pops on dark coloured hulls.  The other choice in sealants is Hyper Hold Pro, which lasts about 5-6 months up here in Canada.  Both are excellent choices, one just lasts a little longer.

Now on to ceramics....I've been using ceramics for years and years and I'm just a weekend warrior.  The truth is that like everything else in life, if you follow the right steps, ceramic coating produces an incredible long lasting shine better than polymer sealants.  I first coated my boat in 2022 and it came out of the water in late October with a glistening shine still on the hull.  I used Repel 9H and followed the process of restoring/polishing a dark hull (mine's blue - a 44 foot regal)  and the pictures I have and will share with anyone asking speak for themselves.  My best guess is I'll get 2 full seasons out of my ceramic coating.  The only thing I really have to do is to polish with Elevate around my through hulls and I'll used a little venom for some water spots from running the 3 A/C's all summer.  In my estimation, having the ceramic will save me about 40 hours this year from last year....mind you, I'm slightly obsessed with the best possible shine and can be accused of chasing perfection...but who doesn't want a shiny boat?