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Xanigo Freedom Atomizer (Battery Operated)

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This high powered sprayer is designed for boat detailers to prevent mold on boat seats, life jackets, canvas, ropes, carpet and areas with high moisture.

The Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Preventer prevents and protects against mold & mildew for up to 90 days with just one application! No wiping!

When applied with our Xanigo Marine Sprayer, this system STOPS mold and mildew cold! 

Our reliable atomizer sprayer contains:

  • 28Oz Canister
  • 20v Battery
  • Fast charging dock
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Jog Wheel


1 Freedom (cordless) atomizer with 20v battery and charger


1. Shake well before using.
2. Apply a 1” dab of Starke Level R Compound for a 1.5’ x 1.5’ section and spread with the cutting pad.
3. Buff at a speed between 900 to 1,200 rpm.
4. Work the buffer slowly form side to side and front to back until most of the product is gone and gloss appears.
5. Repeat if necessary until scratches are removed.
Wipe surface clean with a microfiber cloth.